3 rue du Général de Gaulle
97400 Saint Denis
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The sitting room


Villa Marie-Lucie invites you into this intimacy and allows you to pursue your visit. The visit to the house is designed as a voyage through time. The sitting room is in a transitional style, the old furniture having been reupholstered with contemporary fabric from Pierre Frey, evoking a travel theme.


The trompes l’½il on the walls are reminiscent of the lush tropical vegetation and the garden surrounding the house, which do not enter into this unique central room is windowless, and thus has no view on the exterior. These painted decorations, based on the historic themes of the Zuber house in the grand tradition of 18th-century Master house decoration, in Indian fashion, are kinds of imaginary windows.


The sitting room is illuminated by a large chandelier in Murano glass with appliqués from the same workshop in the Venice lagoon. For the decoration of this tropical abode, the owner of this Creole house likes to incorporate refined elements of the kind one might find in a family house in the European countryside. For a touch of modernity, the Murano glass here has the transparency of crystal.