3 rue du Général de Gaulle
97400 Saint Denis
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The swimming lane



A component of the house’s architecture, the swimming lane reflects its light in the dining room, but it is also designed to highlight the garden. At the juncture of the deck, the Villa and the country house, the ashen gray lacy-leaved blue latan palm  stands like a totem, surrounded by the pool. The shimmering black reflections of the pool resemble a natural pond with a basalt or volcanic rock bottom like the pools a hiker might encounter walking through the heart of the island and beside which the Villa appears to have been built. With a depth of 1.40 m and a length of 17 m, the pool is designed more for training than for pleasure and is part of the wellness itinerary at Villa Marie-Lucie.


Before or after going swimming, you can laze around on a wicker chaise longue on the deck, enjoying the sun while admiring the orchids growing on the wall.