3 rue du Général de Gaulle
97400 Saint Denis
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The Varangue



You will be welcomed to the varangue (Creole verandah), to a lovely white wickerwork sitting room on black and white checkerboard marble flooring, the symbol of our house, with lighting from the great pewter lantern.


The varangue is the reception area par excellence in a Creole house.


Guests- anyone who is not part of the residents’ immediate family-are not invited any farther into the house than the varangue. So quite naturally it is an area that is elegantly decorated where the Master of the house arranges his most tasteful, comfortable furniture, an expression of his standing, without being over-the-top.


The colorfully shuttered French windows cast a glimpse into the other rooms of the house; the adjacent rooms are traditionally occupied by the Master and his office. The sitting room after the varangue, inside the house, is reserved for welcoming the household’s closest guests, possibly relatives, but no one goes beyond this threshold into the family’s intimacy.